The seminar meets Thursday, 10:00-11:30 am (UTC+8). We provide online zoom meeting room for the convenience of discussion and replay. The zoom link will be sent by email. If you are interested, please contact us.

Date Speaker and Title
Oct 20 Ziniu Li (CUHK-Shenzhen)
Oct 28 Yingru Li (CUHK-Shenzhen)
Nov 04 Tian Xu (NJU)
Nov 11 Jing Dong (CUHK-Shenzhen)
Nov 18 Hao Liang (CUHK-Shenzhen)
Nov 25 Ziniu Li (CUHK-Shenzhen)
Dec 02 Yingru Li (CUHK-Shenzhen)
Dec 09 Wenqiang Pu (SRIBD)
Dec 16 Xiuwen Wang (CUHK-Shenzhen)
Dec 23 Lucy Huo (Cornell)